Today, you can get both vinyl flooring to laminate flooring in black. You can choose a solid black floor without structure, a black painted wooden floor where one can discern the wood during or laminate flooring that looks and feels like black slate. It is only your imagination that puts a stop.


Power, authority, elegance, formality and mysteries. Black is also often synonymous with luxury – imagine James Bond in his black tie come driving a luxurious black Mercedes. Or the little black dress that has always been a winning clothing concept for festive occasions.

Black is a very trendy color today: we see this timeless elegant color in both fashion and interior design. Black gives the room a luxurious feel – black is a real understatement!

black floor


There are scholars who say that the black color of such flooring is perceived as stable and does not attract unnecessary attention from the rest of the furniture. Often you want to decorate a room where the carpets and furniture are the focus – which is difficult if you have a floor that not only takes place but also takes over. With a dark floor focus gaze often to the floor without it becoming dominant – instead, helps floor furniture to become more prominent.

“A common misconception is that a black floor makes you feel the room less than what it is – but that’s not true! The combination of black floors and light neutral colors can provide a wonderful contrast and even open up a room,”