Most of us want to deliver a good result on the golf course as we can. Then of course the conditions very different when we have different talent, play more or less, have diverse goals and so on. But whether you are aiming to just have a nice round or want to go in pairs so is the desire to play should be good.

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We choose which often focus on the clubs that are in the bag, how the swing works or how the weather is. Is not this all important things, but something that is often forgotten, according to me is how to play strategically.

I myself am a player who likes to think about things like this. With that said, I have certainly a lot to learn when it comes to making the right decisions. To sit at home and write down rashes clubs on the scorecards, I have made many times to try to find the best way to play the track.

In this blog post I thought to go through some basic tips when it comes to playing strategically.

Choose the right club

This may sound very obvious but it is not quite so simple. Many of us golfers know, for example, how far we hit with the different clubs. Often we know quite well how far it is to various places on the web when we play the most rounds in our domestic clubs and where one learns so after a while.

But tell you to hit a blistering 100 m above a bunker which club do you do? If you do not track your lengths there is a risk that the club you choose to turn only goes 95 m and therefore you lie in the bunker.

An absolutely fundamental thing is to find out how far you hit with the different clubs if you do not know this. Do not you know this, you impossible to take the right decisions on the pitch. It is important here not to lie to himself.

I am a man, and we would of course like to think that our impact goes beyond what they actually do. Read a study a few years ago that I have for me showed that golfers with slightly higher handicaps had a tendency to believe that their rash driver went about 20 meters longer than they did in reality. Lie why not for yourself in terms of lengths, then you just lose yourself in it, how fun it is to go down in that bunker, really?

What is my favorite distance

Say that I stand on the tee at the short par 4, let’s say 320 m. Although I am an extremely strong and clever man;) so I will not reach the green on the reading as much as I take in the driver.

A good response for me is somewhere between 240-260 m, which means that I would have 80-60 left for a second shot. However, this is not a distance that I like because it requires a half hitch with the 60 ° wedge.

If I get to choose distance freely suits me best with about 100 meters left when I can turn a normal blow with the club. Do not take in but can strike almost full, which tend to be the types that produce the best results.

So it’s only bad for my overall score if I strike out with the driver. I will therefore turn a rash of 220 m to get to the right spot on the track. For me this means that I can take out of fairway woods.

You should always have this in mind when you play a hole, and this is regardless of what level you play at. Is it a long par four and you do not reach the two-stroke does not matter as it then also comes to planning beaten in advance for such simple strokes as possible all the time.

Obstacles are to be avoided

I do as I was told to have 100 meters left my recorder. But that applies to course not always. The hole can of course simply be far too long for me to have a chance to reach so far. Or there are obstacles on the hole that I have to consider.

On my home track, we have a good hole that illustrates quite well this. The hole itself is not very long but it is water all the way to the left and there are a couple of bunkers about 200 meters straight ahead where the hole turns the little light left. Then you do not want to put the water in the game feels best to strike a blow that goes a bit to the right. Which makes the bunkers coming into play.

The best option for me at this hole is to hit with a middle iron and hit the ball straight at the bunkers. The club I choose reach as not up to them and I have not put water directly into the game assuming a normal kind from my side. Sure, I get then an 8 or similar towards the green but this makes less than if I would take the driver and be forced to put both water and bunkers in play.

Can unvika to obstacles in the game, this is often something that pays off in the long run. This applies all the time to strike a balance when it comes to what to do and what course allows you to do.

Play to the right place on the green

To watch the flag stands on the green and then measure the distance to that and then take a club that is exactly this length plus one aiming for the flag can be a recipe for trouble. Certainly if there is a large flat green where there is no water, hills, bunkers or else to consider. But this rarely happens, making this strategy dangerous.

Instead, it is important to consider what achieves the best average performance. Do you have a flag that stands 5 m from a bunker on the edge, it is probably not a good idea to hit the ball just as far.

Normally, there is always a place in any direction from the hole where you have more room to work with. Does the flag, for example, short and there is much green behind this is the safe option is probably to try to hit the ball 5 meters past the flag instead. This means that you have margin if the ball does not hit perfectly.

Is there water on the left of the hole, this is something to avoid. Better to aim a bit to the right of the hole, although this at a perfect stroke means that there will be no short putt.

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