It’s not uncommon for people to become conscious of their teeth and smile. This is usually due to the natural deterioration of one’s teeth as we get older. They often become cracked, discoloured, chipped or broken. Alternatively, we sometimes inherit dental issues or they may become apparent at a young age. These include: deformed, crooked, missing or discoloured teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry can deal with these issues, not only from a ‘cosmetic’ standpoint which may boost the patient’s self-confidence, but from a position of oral hygiene too. Dealing with these issues can sometimes relieve patients of painful teeth, gum or mouth issues that may have plagued them for some time. It’s always important to consult a professional in Cosmetic Dentistry, which is not only an approved dentist but one with extra Cosmetic Dentistry accreditation.

Main Cosmetic Dentistry procedures include (but are not limited to):

Porcelain Veneers
Measuring around 0.5 mil thickness (less than a finger nail) veneers are attached to teeth to mask any discolouration or yellowing. Firstly, the thickness required to adhere the veneer may be removed from the tooth (not always), then the veneer is then placed over the tooth for a seamless finish. Porcelain is known to last longer than resin, and as such is a more durable and more aesthetic product.

Dental Bridge, Lentini Dental

Dental Bridge, Lentini Dental

Porcelain Crowns
Crowns are used to replace any damaged teeth. For example, if you have broken the top of a tooth, the crown is added to the top of the broken tooth to replace the missing area. Dental Crowns improve not only the appearance of the tooth, but maintain the integrity of the tooth’s core, stopping things like decay or degradation ruining the tooth and its roots. Porcelain Crowns are more likely to match the surrounding teeth in colour and are more durable.

Like Crowns, Bridges are used if you have more than one damaged tooth or are missing a few teeth in a row. Over time, missing teeth can cause the other surrounding teeth to move and fall into the missing area. Something that is detrimental for the bite and overall oral hygiene. Bridges are attached by creating a support on the adjacent teeth, then taking a mould to make the attachment that is then placed over and cemented to the surrounding teeth.

Gum lifts
Designed to correct an imbalance in your gum, Gum Lifts are exactly as they sound. A process that lifts the gum showing more teeth and less gum. People who feel that they have excessive gum from either smaller teeth or other irregularities such as conditions that affect the facial muscles might often feel self-conscious about their ‘gummy smile’. If a surgical procedure is necessary, it is non-invasive with the gum healing 6 times faster than external parts of the body.

Teeth Whitening - Lentini Dental

Teeth Whitening – Lentini Dental

Teeth Whitening
Tooth discolouration can be caused by many factors and has two sub types, Extrinsic — this can occur from smoking, drinking wine, coffee, cola and other enamel eroding drinks and Intrinsic – this is when the inner core of the tooth darkens causing a yellow tint. There are many ways to deal with discoloured teeth, but one of the most successful and easy options is Laser Teeth Whitening. This is where a whitening gel is applied and a laser activates the whitening gel. This treatment is non-invasive, quick (under 30 minutes) and painless.

Dental implants
Sometimes there is the requirement to extract and replace a tooth from the root up. Generally this happens because there is little of tooth left due to injury or decay of the tooth. Dental Implants are when a tooth is extracted and a whole new tooth is fastened (by screw) directly to the jawbone. Adding dental implants can improve appearance, oral hygiene, chewing ability and make sure that you have a ‘full’ set of teeth.

You may not require all the procedures above but at least you have the knowledge that these Cosmetic dental procedures won’t just give you a wonderful looking smile, they also deal with problematic oral health issues. And, having these dental issues fixed, not just for cosmetic reasons can greatly better your life.

So, if you’re considering Cosmetic Surgery, Lentini Cosmetic Dentistry – Werribee, will improve your dental health and overall smile. They practice state-of-the-art Cosmetic Dental procedures with emphasis on advanced restorative treatments including reconstructive dentistry and the practice also doubles as an Implant Centre.

Led by Dr Michael Lentini, all staff are highly educated and in constant training – keeping up with the latest Cosmetic Dentistry practices and procedures. Lentini Dental is at the forefront of Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne, attracting patients from as far as Sorrento and other East Melbourne suburbs. Dr Michael and his staff are regarded as some of the best Melbourne has in the Cosmetic Dentistry field.