Keeping your home safe and secure is important because you never know when your home can be a target of burglary. Most home burglaries happen during the day when residents are at work.

home security system

Your insurance company should cover some of the items stolen, but you can never replace priceless items, plus you can never be replaced for feeling unsafe in your own house.

Here are a few home security tips you can follow to adjust your security approach to meet current needs.

Going on a holiday

Do not share holiday details with others. Definitely don’t share it on social media. Use light timers to make the home look inhabited and ask  your neighbours to keep an eye on and go over and check on your home.

Leaving an extra key

Sometimes you need to leave an extra key out and here’s how to do it safely. Do not leave the key under the front door welcome mat. If you must leave an extra key out, then wrap the key in aluminum foil and bury it somewhere accessible. Keep the extra key in an accessible crawl space.

Avoid suspicious visitors

Do not open the door to strangers or anyone unfamiliar. Teach your kids this too. Keep the chain lock engaged if you must talk to someone. If someone asks to use your phone, make the call yourself.

Always close open windows

Never ever leave accessible windows open when you are not home. Most burglaries happen because of open windows (and unlocked doors!). Use built-in locks to prevent windows from being opened further. If no built-in locks, use a dowel rod tucked in the frame to prevent opening.

No one wants their home to get robbed. Investing in a home security system will help you to feel confident that your home and family are protected.