Content marketing or Digital content marketing aims to create content that revolves around your audience and problem areas. As e-retailers can increase your sales by capturing searches on Google early in the buying cycle.

Australians make over 4 million searches on Google each day and many e-retailers get most of the traffic from Google, via either bought or organic search. You’ve probably put up a search strategy based on your catalog where you catch up searches with strong purchase intent. Good.

Most are, however, missing out on capturing searches early in the buying cycle. Searches with the intention of finding information and inspiration that later leads to purchase. This is where content marketing for e-commerce comes in with the aim of creating relevant content to drive search traffic and sales. With search engine optimisation (SEO) basically is the advantage that your content can live and drive traffic and for a long time. The investment will, therefore, profitable.

Compare that with content that aims to get the viral spread of social media – that kind of marketing is either a hit or miss . The content needs to be newsworthy, and if you succeed, you succeed greatly, but usually it is a miss and then you have created content with a short lifespan.

SEO Content is king

6 Tips on Content Marketing for e-commerce

  • Do a keyword analysis with the Google Keyword Planner and mapping information and inspiration increases around your products . Are you selling building products online may be about to develop guides to building a deck, add floors or put up a fence.
  • Add a content strategy for search volume and competition. You may not be able to take investments of the state where the keyword, however, there may be long-tail traffic to get home.
  • If a topic is broad, it may be worth splitting it into several articles and guides, an example is cold where there are many queries with different intentions . One strategy might be to build up a collection site for colds with sub-pages covering searches that cure a common cold, home remedies for colds and train with colds.
  • Weave your products in context. Do you sell tea and has written an article about the various health benefits of tea, you can recommend the teas with the best health effect.
  • Do not forget the most important thing , your goal is to get visitors who find your content to buy your products. Most, however, will absorb the contents and leave your site without making a purchase, therefore it is extremely important macro conversions. To get them to sign up to your newsletter to get more inspiration and tips, or to leave their contact information so that you can process them later.
  • Make use of remarketing to get visitors to come back and convert. Remarketing and retargeting as it is also called, aims to show ads to people who visited it on your site before.