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SEO Stats For 2017 That You Should Know About

Search engine optimisation or SEO is an ever-changing digital marketing landscape and Google is constantly moving the goalpost. As a small business owner doing SEO him/herself, or looking to outsource SEO work it is important to know what is going on in the SEO industry. Here below is a list of up-to-date SEO statistics for 2017 that can help you when doing SEO, or looking to hire an SEO agency in Melbourne. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine like Google 70% of clicked search results on Google are organic 75% of search engine users don’t click...

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Top 3 window home security tips

First floor windows are the main point of entry for burglars. But did you know that most burglaries happen because home owners have left windows open. Incredible right! So what can you do secure your home, besides having your windows closed and locked? 3 window home security tips Because they know that most people forget about (or overlook) securing their windows. They concentrate and spend heavily on securing their doors instead. As a result, poorly protected windows end up becoming a point of weakness in home security. A fact that criminals readily exploit. The fact of the matter is...

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5 SEO Strategies Every Small Business Needs To Master (Infographic)

SEO strategies come and go as they change every year. For small business owners who are investing SEO, it’s important to know about the latest ones. Here is an infographic with the five basic SEO strategies every small business owner needs to know. Alternatively if you are using an SEO agency in Melbourne quiz them about what they recommend. 1. Get quality links Create authoritative content people want to read and share. Examin competitor backlinks and pursue the the best ones. Only post guest posts on relevant and high quality blogs. Reclaim your brand and get backlinks from wherever you...

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What Is Ecommerce Software (A Video Explanation)

We all know what an ecommerce site does, it’s a site that facilitates buying and selling of ‘stuff’ online. But let’s take a step back, and get into the very basics of ecommerce. Let’s find out what ecommerce software is, and explain what it is using a video explanation. Here’s a terrific YouTube video explaining what ecommerce software is:   If you’re a business and want professional help and custom ecommerce solution implemented you should talk to Pronto...

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Common-sense home security tips

Keeping your home safe and secure is important because you never know when your home can be a target of burglary. Most home burglaries happen during the day when residents are at work. Your insurance company should cover some of the items stolen, but you can never replace priceless items, plus you can never be replaced for feeling unsafe in your own house. Here are a few home security tips you can follow to adjust your security approach to meet current needs. Going on a holiday Do not share holiday details with others. Definitely don’t share it on social media. Use...

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Shoebox would like to give a huge Thank You to Kingfisher Australia for being a sponsor of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" Chip (Mike Dannison) and Marcy (Elesha Jaine) dropped down to check out Kingfishers new location at First floor, 484 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba. Be sure to grab you tickets to see Chip and Marcy in action.

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The Coolabah jingle is now 5 years old! It was a pleasure putting this together for Coolabah Turf , and it’s incredibly rewarding to see the jingle, and the company behind it, going so strong in 2017. Coolabah owner Suzie Shearer says “We still regularly get comments about how much people love it, and how they can’t get their kids to stop singing it in the car!” ... See MoreSee Less

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So even the "extended" Kingfisher family gets involved in things too. If you are down Ipswich way, Check out Rohan's daughter Molly in the role of little Cosette for the Ipswich Musical Theatre Company.
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Looks like the boys have sorted out their differences! Nothing more to see here. ... See MoreSee Less

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