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6 myths in SEO & Search Engine Optimisation

The knowledge about and your understanding of how Google’s search engine works probably has the best date before that expired several years ago. In a world where online marketing is constantly changing and developing, it can be difficult to keep track of the turns. Here are some common myths. Most things you think you know about search engine optimisation, SEO, might be true a few years ago but have certainly changed now. There are many who say they know how the search engines work, but very few actually have a look. There are a lot of myths in SEO that are...

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Play Golf strategically

Most of us want to deliver a good result on the golf course as we can. Then of course the conditions very different when we have different talent, play more or less, have diverse goals and so on. But whether you are aiming to just have a nice round or want to go in pairs so is the desire to play should be good. For better golf game i personally recommend you to have finest Golf buggy. We choose which often focus on the clubs that are in the bag, how the swing works or how the weather is....

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More or less all the SEO projects I have worked with during my +10 years have included the challenges of “duplicate content”. Thus the content of the website can be accessed by more than one URL. Sometimes duplicate content stir up some trouble, though it rarely is a huge problem. We have produced a guide that can be used as a guide to select the correct action when duplicate content. For great content and better Conversion rate optimisation you may consult SEO Guru. What is duplicate content? In short, it is a question of a certain content can be...

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Benefits of Integrated Hotel Management Software

In business, a standout amongst the most critical things to guarantee is that you have the best possible apparatuses to make your business run easily. This is particularly valid in the hotel and hospitality industry, as monitoring your customer’s reservations, you’re bookkeeping and every single other part of your hotel is critical to the proceeded with the accomplishment of your business. One approach to guarantee that your business is on top of these critical angles is by putting resources into brilliant hotel administration software. Having this hospitality software will help you to keep your hotel business running effectively and...

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Tips from burglary in autumn

When darkness comes, the thief to work undisturbed. During the 2000s, a new trend among house burglary has become clear and the autumn months, now is the time when most burglaries are reported. New statistics from the Crime Prevention Council  An installed home alarm reduces the risk of suffering a burglary. Autumn popular time for burglary Autumn is upon us – the time of year when the highest number of house burglaries reported. Organised crime and burglary waves that pulls out to be one of the causes of the changing statistics. Statistics show that it takes 5250 burglary of dwellings...

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Also got a second job going in our Toowoomba office for an SEO specialist. If you know of anyone who’d be interested let me know at ... See MoreSee Less

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Got a job going in our Toowoomba office for a content writer for social media and SEO. If you know of anyone who’d be interested let me know at It’s part time but could be full time for the right candidate. ... See MoreSee Less

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New brochure and collateral for Alumuna, an initiative of Finley Regional Care. Alumuna is a new type of assisted living whereby everything is managed for you. So you can up and leave on that great Australian adventure knowing that when you return, everything will have been kept in the same pristine condition you left it in. Checkout ... See MoreSee Less

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