SEO strategies come and go as they change every year. For small business owners who are investing SEO, it’s important to know about the latest ones.

Here is an infographic with the five basic SEO strategies every small business owner needs to know. Alternatively if you are using an SEO agency in Melbourne quiz them about what they recommend.

1. Get quality links

Create authoritative content people want to read and share. Examin competitor backlinks and pursue the the best ones. Only post guest posts on relevant and high quality blogs. Reclaim your brand and get backlinks from wherever you are being mentioned,

2. Google authorship

Google authorship influences rankings. Get a Google+ business page profile.

3. Set a canonical URL

The canonical URL tells search engines which page is the preferred one (in case of duplicate pages). Permanently redirect using server side 301 redirect whenever you can.

4. Microdata and schema

Html tags that tell search engines what the page is all about. Enables you to get richer search results and better rankings on Google.

5. Responsive design

More people access websites on mobile than on desktops. Make sure your website can be easily accessed on mobile devices by implementing responsive design.

five seo strategies infographic